Comparison between Michael Moore's movie Bowling for columbine and an excert from his book stupid white men.

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Writer, producer and director Michael Moore can often be credited tackling heavy issues in an in-your-face manner. His work includes the controversial documentary "Bowling for Columbine" as well as the book "Stupid White Men ...and other sorry excuses for the state of the nation". Throughout both pieces, Michael Moore's opinion is powerful and successful in providing a strong argument. His examples throughout America's history only further prove his points. There are similarities in both works, as both contain the scapegoat mentality of Moore himself; searching to blame just one person or one thing for all that is wrong within the country.

Michael Moore's documentary "Bowling for Columbine" released in 2002, takes a close look at violence in the United States today, as well as throughout the country's past. Moore incorporates different images ranging from Charlton Heston speaking to the NRA, to an interview with James Nicholas of Michigan.

Bowling shows the good, as well as the bad in relation to guns and gun control in America. In the documentary, aspects of the problems are brought up and somewhat analyzed. The United States' history as well as wars which Americans have been indirectly involved in is attributed to pushing the problems of violence. Moore's investigation of the easy availability of guns in America leads to a deeper look into violence in the nation.

The main points of the documentary include the easy accessibility of fire arms in America, and violence - throughout the countries history, as well as the present shocking amount of murders in the country. As a documentary Bowling is very successful because it brings up points and then backs them up with clips or sequences that support the same idea. Bowling begins with an example of how easy it is to acquire a...