A comparison between the movie "Enough" with J-Lo and domestic violence in America today.

Essay by katykat November 2004

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Violence is everywhere; on television, in video games, in everyday life, and also on the big screen. I have chosen to touch briefly on the subject of violence in the movie industry, particularly on the movie Enough with Jennifer Lopez as the leading character. This movie is a perfect example of domestic and spousal abuse that is portrayed in the media. It also seems quite accurate in describing the ordeals that a woman that is being beaten by her husband goes through. The entire movie reminded me of the book we read for class, Black and Blue, because many things are similar and the two lead characters are battered woman fighting for their child's future.

In the movie, Lopez is a battered woman. Over time the abuse gets more and more obvious. She goes through every one of the steps that we talked about in class. The abuse starts out as anger caused from stress in the husbands work life and progresses into actual hitting.

When Lopez begins to stand up for herself and their daughter, she finds out that the husband was cheating on her. This sends the husband into a fit and he beats her again, but worse this time. Finally, Lopez decides to run away with the help of her friends that stand beside her. Unfortunately, he catches her and beats her almost to death. Again, this is a perfect example of the progression of the abuse. She tries to again run away and disappear, this time it works. She gets away.

Just like in Black and Blue, Enough personalizes the mental and physical affects the abuse from a husband can cause. Lopez has to cut her hair, get a new name, and try to build a new home for her and her child; just like Fran...