Comparison between Osar Romero and Oscar Schindler.

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Even though Oscar Romero and Oscar Schindler were of different races and social status, their attitudes towards others were very strong and appreciative. Both man saved many lives in protesting against governments that opposed their views. Both men showed their love to their neighbors as a sign of justice in society. Oscar Romero and Oscar Schindler dedicated their lives to people with no empowerment, protested against the killing of innocent people and left behind the courage and influence for other people to follow their steps.

Oscar Romero offered his own life to the people of his country that had no power, people that were not involved with the military, guerillas and the oppressive government. His actions were intended to help others when in need, to protect them for unfair rule and to lead his country and people to a state of liberation. Oscar Schindler presented his money and power as a Fascist Nazi to save hundreds of Jews from the Holocaust during World War II.

He saved their lives, by giving them opportunities to work and save their families from the harsh reality of war.

Oscar Romero protested at the killings of men and women who had taken the streets in orderly fashion to petition for justice and liberty. He wanted his country to be what God send as the message for him to distribute. This message was that all people are the same in likeness to God and that everyone must have equal justice and opportunity. Oscar Schindler rallied against killing the Jews, to save them from the murder and sufferings that were brought upon them.

Oscar Romero and Oscar Schindler are two people with a heart that can be felt by thousands of people. Both characters have a God's view to protect the vulnerable and to change the...