A comparison between Philip K. Dick Novel "Minority Report" and Steven Spielberg-Tom Cruise's movie 'Minority Report'.

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In more than one way, the film release of the Steven Spielberg-Tom Cruise movie 'Minority Report' could not have been better planned than what is based on a Philip K. Dick book of the same name. Compared to the Book, movie is more detailed, imaginative, creative and original. And on the other side the original book, that is serviceable but unpolished, it's also a little clunky and short.

The film renders a much more detailed view of a near-term future world than that present in the original book, like the film also omits certain story details for example, no punch cards. And on the other side the whole book is about 90 pages long, which is not considered a very professional length for a book. Whereas in the movie, the main characters are described and well detailed, for example its starts with John Anderton (Tom Cruise) head of an elite division of law enforcement known as "Precrime", using the visions of three clairvoyants called "Pre-Cogs," the Precrime unit is able to determine the exact date and time in the future that a murder will take place, as well as the names of the perpetrator and victim.

While in the original story there's no such plot like that and it just talks about the precrime system and a bit about "pre-Cogs", and Anderton.

When compared to the original book, the film's plot is much better. The movie plot begins in 2054 and the murder rate in Washington, D.C. has been reduced to zero. The reason is the establishment of the Department of Precrime, which analyzes the visions of three precognizant humans to stop murders before they happen. The Precogs (the trade term for the three psychics) can predict a murder to the second it will occur.