Comparison between the rise of Adolph Hitler in WW2 and T. in "The Destructors"

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In "The Destructors" by Graham Greene, the story focuses on a group of kids who appear to be innocent, but the ravages of war have left them devastated. They lived through the Second World War and are left to think that this type of destruction is acceptable. Trevor, the protagonist, is the newest member of the Wormsley Common Gang, and he is eager to assume a leadership role by making the gang more infamous. Trevor's actions and approach are very similar to dictators during the time of World War 2 as they both are: unpredictable, persuasive, and has an odd idea about right and wrong.

As Adolph Hitler rose to become leader of the National Socialist Party of Germany and start one of the most radical movements and commit perhaps the most destructive mass execution of people even though he was believed to be a kind loving man who could not harm a single soul, Trevor rises to become the gang leader in a similar manner to that of Hitler as they both had secret motives which were covered up by seemingly heroic acts.

Both entered as outsiders and rose to power and took over for previous non-effective leader through their great verbal skills and ability to create plans that effectively excersised their intentions which were beneficiary to a particular group. Blackie is head of the gang before Trevor takes over his position because he is seen as a more effective leader who world rule with an iron fist and has the welfare of the Gang in mind. Hitler and Trevor both had personal intentions at mind, they both managed to cover up said intentions by give the group of sense of faulty justice.

While the Gang is deciding on who will lead the group, Blackie makes the decision that...