Comparison Between Seamus Heaney's 'Mid-Term Break' And Liz Lochhead's 'The Prize'

Essay by Cko968 December 2004

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Even though all poets are different, many have very similar backgrounds and also the poem that they have written has the same effect. The two poems and poets that I have chosen to compare and contrast are Seamus Heaney's 'Mid-Term Break' and Liz Lochhead's 'The Prize'. Both poets lives in the United Kingdom and has been living for a long period of time (1939-200?), this tells us some information about their past and their cultural context, for example, they have lived through the tragic times of the Normandy invasion of 1944 and some poems of theirs are related to death or war.

Seamus Heaney writes about his past in a number of poems and Liz Lochhead has also provided some poems about her past as well. The themes of these poems are the same, 'death', Heaney's poem has been set into three places (The sick bay, the house and his brother's room) but it seems that Lochhead's poem has just one location.

Both poets have used the technique in which that when you start reading you do not quite understand but as you keep reading the image will become clearer and clearer, I think this is a remarkable technique that they have used as it'll make the reader more interested to the poem and want to find out how it would appear. Both poems have a very strong imagery effects and this is important as it will make you be a part of the poem yourself or have a more realistic effect, these imagery include 'The baby cooed' and 'Gold stars were favours given seldom as boiled sweets'.

In Mid-Term Break, Heaney explains his past about his brother's (Christopher) death. There are three places that it was set in first was the sick bay, second was...