A comparison between similarities of different cultures.

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Many modern cultures are very comparable in many ways. These similarities have been originated since the origins of the cultures. Even though most cultures such as Shinto and Taoism may vary in different ways, they appeared to share many related beliefs. Many of their ideas are expressed in a culture's creation myth and beliefs. By comparing these ideologies, we could drag out their connection in different cultures.

Japanese Shinto and Chinese Taoism show much relationship in the creation of humans. In the Shinto myth "The Creation of earth, life, and Human Beings," god Kami started to pull out the spears from the ocean leaving droplet of liquid that later formed the terrains. Kami started to make humans out of clay and started to populate the earth. Due to the hatred of Kama toward Kami, Kama tried to kill all the people that Kami made. The two gods, Kami and kama created Shinto followers a believe of rebirth, life cycle and reincarnation.

They believe that kami created you to live and kama gives you death, Japanese followers believe it is just a faith of life.

Taoism in the other hand is a religion that does not have a creation myth, but has many short myth stories about how god helped the people. Taoism main belief is to be moral, which include does not taking drugs, and having sexual practices as the only way that they can re-birth as a Human. Taoism followers believe in life cycles, Ying-Yang (the balance of nature), and re-birth. The Ying & Yang states that nature needs to be balance, for every birth, there must be a death and for every girl there must be a boy to balance out. Taoism also believes the action of your present life, would cause an effect to you in following...