Comparison between Tianamen and Belfast Confetti. By Kala Harvey UK spellings

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Comparison between Tianamen and Belfast Confetti.

The poem Tiananmen is about protest, about the people who died whilst protesting. Tiananmen is a square of national importance, in Peking, China. It was a scene of world famous event in the late 1980's and was written in Hong Kong.

The poem Belfast Confetti is also about protest and the people who died. The man, who wrote the poem was a journalist, he was at the town when the bomb went off. He compares all the debris to punctuation.

In Tiananmen James Fenton repeated the word 'tiananmen', he did this because he wanted to show the pain that the protested experienced at that place. He repeats the first four lines of the first stanza in the last stanza because he wants the people to remember what it was like whilst the people were protesting and getting killed. In this poem not many of the words rhyme.

In the first stanza these words rhyme; 'clean' and 'been'. I think the poet did this because he is saying that everywhere is clean now they can all rest and no body remembers the dead. In the second stanza these two words are the only rhyming two; 'think' and 'ink'. He did this because he is saying that you can not think otherwise you are doing wrong, just like the protesters were doing. In the third stanza the words rhyming are 'deaf' and 'breath'. James Fenton makes this rhyme to show how the old men killing the innocent people will be next to die. In the fourth stanza the words rhyming are 'style' and 'pile'. The poet makes these words rhyme because he is saying how they are putting them in style, in neat, however they just do it with out any care. In the...