Comparison of Britain and Western Cities

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Examples of Cities in Britain Contrasted to Cities in Western Provinces of the Roman Period



This essay briefly covers the prehistoric archaeology of Britain with the examples of some of the cities in Britain and other Western provinces of the Roman period. This essay briefly covers the change that occurred in British cities after the Roman Empire, the general introduction of the British cities and then it states the primary excavation reports. Moreover, this essay provides a brief overview of the contrasting areas within the cities of Britain and Western provinces. It also sums up the similarities between the cities of Britain and the Western Europe. The cities selected from Britain are Verulamium, Colchester, Cirencester, and Gloucester and from Western Provinces are Gaul and Hispania


During the Roman period, the important ports in Britain were London and Richborough. The continental trade in Britain was primarily across southern North Sea and Eastern Channel.

There were some narrow links found via Atlantic seaways, during the early roman period in Britain. The major imports to Britain, during the Roman era were coins, red-gloss pottery, olive oil, wine, salted fish products and also some agricultural products from eastern, southern and central Gaul, western Mediterranean, southern Spain and the Rhine provinces. Britain's major exports included metals such as gold, silver, some lead, copper and iron. However, there are not many facts about Britain's exports in early Roman era but probably they also included enormous quantities of coins that were re-exported. These products were a result of private trade through contracts and payments made by the Roman state to afford funding for its military forces on the island. During the 3rd century, these payments were unbalanced with the number of products sent to Britain, which were far more. Evidence reveals that during the...