Comparison of Chinese and Western medicine.

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Compare and contrast the western idea of medical treatment with Ch'i and Chinese healing.

Western medical treatment is tremendously different from Chinese medical treatment isn several ways. First of all, the Chinese use inductive and synthetic methods, while western medicine uses reductive and analytical methods. This can be seen in how the Chinese understand and learn medicine. Instead of solving everything with evidence and scientifical reason like western doctors, the Chinese use experience and cures that seem to work for them in the past. They use treatments that will work for the patients, which allows for a more individual experience with the doctor rather than a formal meeting with a western doctor. The Chinese have used their own treatments for centuries. Their treatments have worked in the past, so why stop now? The Chinese believe in Ch'i, which is someone's life force. When that life force dies or escapes, so does the individual that possesses it.

Acupuncture, meditation, aroma therapy, Tai-Ch'i, and several other Chinese treatments allow the ch'i to revive itself and become more active. Chinese medicine is a healing art, while western medicine is strictly a science. Chinese medicine emphasizes the role of the body in healing, while western medicine mainly relies on medication and procedures. Chinese medicine also uses herbs and natural agents, while western medicine uses pure chemical compounds. The medicine that the Chinese use works just as well as several western medicines in scientific studies because they use natural plants and herbs. Another reason why the Chinese practice their traditional medicine is because modern treatments are much more expensive than their old ones. The Chinese doctor's main goal is to promote overall health and well being. Western doctors mostly try to just cure the patient's current disease. This difference allows the Chinese...