Comparison of "The Color Purple" and "Lord of the Flies"

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Character Alienation is where the main character is isolated from the rest of the characters in the story. Alienation can be caused by several things, such as abusive relationships like in the story The Color Purple, or poor leadership such as the story, Lord of the Flies, in which both protagonists were alienated by their own people.

In the book, "The Color Purple", Celie, the protagonist, is alienated by most of the important men in her family. It causes her to be very passive and defenseless. She is aware that people see her as a weakling. Her sister, Nettie tells her to fight back, but she thinks fighting is useless as she quotes, "I think about Nettie dead. She fight, she run away. What good it do? I don't fight, I stay where I'm told. But I'm alive." Celie seems content to be alive and sees no point in life in where she has to defend herself, and this indicates that she is very low in her self esteem.

In contrast, Ralph in the story "Lord of the Flies" is the chief of his tribe on the island. He expresses himself and tells his tribe what to do, where as in Celie's case, she has to listen to her husband. She cannot express herself, where as he wants to express more of himself to the tribe. He is full of confidence of what he does and all the decisions he makes, whereas Celie will go with anything her husband says. Ralph is a leader who tries to impose himself on his people, but the boys ignored him, and instead, they just play all day and hunt. They felt like they could do whatever they want since there were no consequences to Ralph's rules. Ralph's...