Comparison of/Connecting Texts Essay on: Alyssa Brugman's "Walking Naked" and Mark Waters' "Mean Girls"

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There are many connections and similarities between the novel Walking Naked, by Alyssa Brugman, and the movie Mean Girls, directed by Mark Waters. These two teenage related stories give light to some of the realities of life as a teenager in very similar ways. They both portray the issues faced by a teenage girl in high school from very alike angles. Both texts delve into the secrets and realties of teenage life and the problems that arise.

Power is something that nearly everyone wants. Whether it is a small urge or a regime, everyone tries to be more powerful than they are. In the novel Walking Naked, Megan’s supposed best friend, Candice, has the power but they all strive for it. Everyone wants to be the alpha. Megan does not want to lose all that she has worked so hard for. She has fought her way to the top of the hierarchy and doesn’t want to even consider slipping a few rungs down the ladder.

Perdita is a threat to Megan’s position and Megan does not like this, for this reason, she rejects Perdita when they are at school. Similarly, in the movie, Cady happily becomes a member of ‘The Plastics’ not only to help her real friends but also to gain confidence and respect. She desperately wants to be accepted by her fellow students and sees ‘The Plastics’ as the perfect opportunity to do this. Unfortunately, without realising it, Cady starts to become a bitchy Plastic and slowly looses her friends’ trust and respect. Megan does the same and she falls out with Perdita and is rejected by The Group. Her lust for power has caused her isolation from the people she wished to conquer.

In both texts, the lead characters have a lust for popularity...