Comparison Of "Dangerous Liaisons" - French And English Version Of Movies

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Comparison of the French movie Les Liaisons Dangereuses to the English version "Dangerous Liaisons." Many similarities and differences exist in the French and English versions of "Dangerous Liaisons." In both movies, Cecile and Madame De Tourvel are played by two very beautiful actresses, both whom portray innocent and somewhat ignorant young ladies. In both, the main characters come from wealthy and dignified households. Both are set in France.

Though both versions of the movie are set in France, the settings vary widely. The French version of the movie was set around the same time it was created, around 1959. The English version, though made in 1988, was set closer to the time the novel was created, probably around 1972. The differences in the setting lead to differences in the musical score. The French version of the movie had compositions by the American jazz group Thelonius monk. Ironically, the English version of the movie had Mozart-styled compositions by the British composer George Fenton.

Much of the plot of the two movies ran parallel to one another. However, a few differences did arise. First, Valmont and Juliette are lovers in the French version of the film. In the English version, Valmont and Juliette (known only as Madame Merteuil) are no more than former lovers, both of whom somewhat love another. In the English version of the film, Valmont impregnates the young Cecile. This event does not occur in the French version.

Overall the plot had more similarities than differences. The details surrounding the plot were what tended to vary. For instance, Valmont's courtship of Marienne occurs in both movies. However, in the French version he persuades her by saying that if he cannot have her, he will move far, far away. Because she is growing fond of him she falls for...