Comparison of the energy content of different food's

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Aims: to compare the energy contents of different foods and make a detailed conclusion and analysis.


Starting temperature of water in each boiling tube: 23ºc

FoodMass before heating (Grams)Highest temperature of water (ºc)

Toasted Bread2.1832







Start temperature of the water x Highest temperature of water x 4.2= Energy Level

(ºC) (ºC) (J)

Toasted bread: 23 x 32 x 4.2= 3091.2 J= 3.0912 kJ

Cracker: 23 x 45 x 4.2= 4347 J= 4.347 kJ

Chip: 23 x 52 x 4.2= 5023.2 J= 5.0232 kJ

Pistachio: 23 x 90 x 4.2= 8694 J= 8.694 kJ

Almond: 23 x 67 x 4.2= 6472.2 J= 6.4722 kJ

Peanut: 23 x 92 x 4.2= 8887.2= 8.8872 kJ

In order to make an accurate comparison I will need to convert the energy values to the gram by using this formula:

Conversion of weight to the gram = Energy given off/ weight of food

(g) (KJ) (g)

Pistachio: 8.694/

0.35= 24.8 kJ

Peanut: 8.8872/ 0.91= 9.7 kJ

Chip: 5.0232/ 0.63= 7.9 kJ

Almond: 6.4722/ 1.00= 6.5 kJ

Cracker: 4.347/ 0.89= 4.9 kJ

Toasted bread: 3.0912/ 2.18= 1.4 kJ

Published energy values:

Peanuts, Salted: 23.9 kJ

Bread, White & Toasted: 10.6 kJ

Chip: 9.9 kJ

Cracker: 9.0 kJ

Conclusion: My results did not turn out to be the same as the published results because the published results were done in a Calorimeter under a controlled supply of oxygen and heat, unlike mine. The brand of the product may have also have made a great difference between the published results and mine. I think my toasted bread was rouge because it was nowhere near the published values. And I was very surprised to find out that the Pistachio has the highest energy value because I was predicting the normal peanut due to...