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Two of the main characters in Homer's The Iliad, Achilles and Hector, compare very differently in many ways. Although they were both war heroes, they came from different sides of the battle and fought each other under different beliefs. These two brave warriors fought to the death in Book 22, where Hector eventually lost to Achilles. Even though Hector lost the fight, the war still raged on, even less merciful than before. These two warriors were similar in a few ways, but mostly very different.

These two warriors were similar in some ways. The most obvious were that they were both fighting in the same war and that they were both male warriors. They were also very renowned fighters for their troops, and are both very strong. They both had very high confidence in themselves at the beginning of the fight; feeling that they could both beat the other in a fight.

This opinion changed, however, shortly into the battle, where Hector began to feel less and less confidant as he slowly lost. The reason they fought was for a just cause, they both believed, although their causes were quite different. These two warriors were not too similar, but they were very different.

One of the most obvious reasons that these two men were different was that one was fighting for the Troy, the other for Greece. Hector, the Trojan, not only had different reasons for fighting with Achilles; he was also very different in his personality and personal traits. The reason that Achilles was fighting was to avenge his friend Patroclus' death, who was killed by Hector. Hector was not fighting back to "authorize" the death, but only to defend his and his people's honor. Like this difference, Achilles and Hector also differed in...