Comparison of Love and Lust

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A wise person once told me, "The difference between a man and a woman on a date is that the woman wants a romantic night, the man just wants to get in bed with her." The person was a man, a very lustful man. No, he wasn't a sinful person. But it was lust, not love that drove a lot of his relationships, which explains why he's both wise and lonely. But a lot of people wonder just what the difference is between love and lust? While there are some similarities between love and lust, in the end they are very different and result in different relationship outcomes.

Love is a very complex and desiring emotion. Unlike lust, love is very difficult to satisfy. Love is beyond how a person looks, feels, or smells like. The feeling of love takes days, months, maybe even years to truly find and complete.

Lust, on the other hand, is fairly simple to satisfy. One eventful night in bed at a Motel 6 should satisfy your lust.

Love is just so much deeper and thicker than lust. When you love someone you are willing to do almost anything for that person. True love is a bond that lasts forever. I mean, how many songs, poems, and other literary pieces have been written about love? And on the contrary, there aren't many greatest hits out there talking about one's lustful and sexual desires. Love is like a pizza that was baked, heated, and made from scratch. Lust on the other hand is like heating a Digiornos in the microwave oven. The one goal many people in the world seek to achieve is to find true love, while lust is usually just a quick fix.

Love and lust are alike in a way. Not so...