This is a comparison paper on columbo and dupin.

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Columbo and C. Auguste Dupin, 2 different characters are to solve crimes. They both have many similar qualities as well as a couple of minor differences. In the end, they are both great crime solvers. In this report, I will discuss the

physical background as well as compare their ways to solve crimes.

Dupin, a poor Frenchman, comes from a very rich family. Books are his sole luxury and he gets them easily in Paris. He has very good analytical and observing skills. Even when he's not on the job, trying to solve a crime, he observes and remarks very trifle details. Columbo, on the other hand, is an identified detective. He's a man full of life that is about in his 30s. He has curly brown hair, is a little shorter than most characters in the movie and wears the same suit all through the movie (gray suit, black tie, white blouse, boots and a beige rain coat).

Columbo always seems pretty happy, goes around complimenting everybody and likes to be where the action is. At many moments in the movie, I found that he seemed stressful by the way he was smoking cigars all the time, stuttered, twitched and was clumsy.

Both men have different ways of gathering clues and evidence, interpreting them and getting the guilty to confess their crime. Dupin gathers information, analyses and makes his hypotheses in silent. He doesn't share his thoughts up until the guilty confesses. He also seems to keep his options opened; he is open to any explanation until he knows exactly what happened. On the other hand, Columbo knows right away who committed the crime but seems unable to prove so. He asks questions to everybody he meets, shares his thoughts, feeling, ideas and hypotheses out loud. Instead...