Comparison of Thai Prison and US Prison

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Life in prison

A life in prison is already set up for every prisoner and nobody can make his/her own lifestyle. Each prisoner must follow the same certain routine everyday without any argument. Here is a common daily routine, which might be flexible in order to suit each particular prison:

Inmate's daily routine

05:30 Hours Wake up call

06.00 Hours Breakfast

08.30 Hours Attend vocational training or educational programs

12.00 Hours Lunch

13.00 Hours Attend vocational training or educational programs

15.30 Hours Recreation and personal activities

16.30 Hours Dinner

17.30 Hours Lockup

21.00 Hours Prayer and bedtime

A prison needs this routine for security purpose, since this routine provides an easier control on prisoner and prisoner's checking procedure can be simply done during each process. Prisoners must take this routine seriously. Breaking this routine means violating a prison's law, which will bring an immediate punishment against particular violator.


Following the same routine, being under control at all the time, and no freedom of living, these reasons must definitely put pressure and tension on all prisoners.

Therefore, the department of Correction finds the way to hopefully lose a partial tension of prisoner via these recreations:

The first one is exercise and sport. Every single prison divides and saves part of budget for sport and exercise. Each prison buys sport's and exercise's equipment for prisoners to use and play and also provides enough clear space for sport activity.

The second one is studying. Prisoners can use their own times learning and studying education. The department of Correction prepares a class from first grade up to bachelor degree for prisoners, who are interested.

The third one is vocational training. Prison prepares vocational training, such as a carpenter's training, turner's training, sculptor's training, etc. Not only earning knowledge of vocational training, skillful prisoners...