Comparison: Titleist 762 and the Titleist 690 MB

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Golf is a game that everyone can enjoy. Though it is much more enjoyable with the right equipment. The two sets of irons I will be describing aren't for beginners. The Titleist 762 and the Titleist 690 MB are very different clubs in the way the feel, cost, and in their ability level.

The feel of both the 762 and the 690 MB irons are starkly different. The 762 irons are a cavity back design making them much easier to hit than their counterparts the 690 MB's. Titleist offers two different sets of "blades," the 690 CB, and the 690 MB. The MB is the most advance high level club Titleist offers. The feel of these irons are unique and very few golfers are able to take full advantage of them.

You need to be a fairly good golfer to play either the 762's or the 690 MB's. The 690 MB are forged blades, this makes them much more difficult to hit than the cavity back 762 irons.

Unless you're a five handicap or less I wouldn't even look at the 690's. Tiger Woods used the 690's for many years before switching to a very similar Nike set. The 762's while still an advanced golf club are easier to hit and get in the air. If you are a fifteen handicap or less you should be fine with the 762's. If you purchase either of these clubs you need to have a very consistent, solid swing.

Cost is one area were these two sets of irons differ dramatically. Both sets of clubs are high-end clubs used by many professionals around the world. Therefore, logic dictates that these clubs will be very pricey, and they are. If you invest in either of these two sets your looking at spending quite a lot of money. The 762's will run you around $550. While the 690's cost about $900-$1000. The cost however is worth it. Better golf clubs will give you better results.

The Titleist 762 and the Titleist 690 MB are high end irons that have some similarities and many differences. Both of these irons can be a great asset to you golf game. In the end if I had to choose one set, I would choose the 762's over the 690 MB's because my game isn't to the level that I could even start to think about switching to a forged set of irons. But this doesn't mean that one of these sets is better than the other. You have to look at your ability level and how serious you take golf when you purchase a new set of irons. That will tell you what the right set of irons is right for you.