Comparison of Tom is Uncle Tom's Cabin and Santiago in the Old Man and the Sea

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Tom and Santiago: The Christ Like Mortals

In both Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea, and Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin, the main characters put forth an attempt to get through their pains and endeavors while staying calm in their environments. Both Santiago of The Old Man and the Sea, and Uncle Tom of Uncle Tom's Cabin, are linked to Christ. Even through their challenging times each men find a way to look to God for assistance with his issues. Along with their extensive Christianity, Santiago and Tom symbolize the crucifixion of Christ.

Santiago and Tom have both been given much strength. "Strength such as God gives only to the desperate"(?Uncle?). Although Santiago and Tom are not desperate, they are children of God, and they both show their strength through their hearts and souls. Even though Tom was known for his physical strength, he also carried much emotional strength along with him.

Right before Tom was to be beaten for disobeying his master, he said, "You can not hurt me"(Gay). With this, he began to be beaten, and not once did he flinch. Tom stayed strong although his own people were harming him. As he lay there, tied to a cross, he was beaten until his heart was barely beating, and still he stayed strong, knowing that God would be with him always. Santiago also had one of these occurrences. As he fought the giant fish, Santiago got very tired, and only hoped for some sleep. Although he was very fatigued, and could hardly fight any longer, he believed in himself, and that God would help him along the way. He screamed out loud, "Fish, I will stay with you until I am dead"(Hemingway 52). Santiago had the heart to live through pain, and he would...