A comparison of two different teenage lives in Australia.

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Life for a teenager in the 21st century is anything but harsh, it has changed dramatically from what it was 150 years ago. In 1851 when Edward Hargraves discovered gold in Ophir thousands flocked to goldfields all over N.S.W and Victoria. Many young men (teenagers) were dragged along to the mines with their fathers in search of a family fortune. Life on the goldfields wasn't easy for them, it was anything but that. In this assignment I will be analysing both the lives of a 21st century teenager and a teenager living in the goldfields many years ago. I shall be looking at the areas of food, clothing, recreational activities, housing, education, lifestyle, health and standard of living. I shall also compare the areas and evaluate them in my conclusion.


Food on the goldfields was a very important thing but it wasn't very easy to get. Because it involved a lot of manual labour they needed high amounts of energy to get through the day.

The mining areas were usually a good distance away from any large towns so they had to make their own rations. The miners weren't exactly skilled in the area of cooking (unless they were women) so the food was very basic. Things like damper, mutton and tea were a very common base for their diet. Those who had guns were able to go hunting for fresh meat. A food store would also provide them with things like meat, tea, flour, biscuits, potatoes and some other necessities but they wouldn't come cheap.

In the 21st century teenagers have the best of food. They have a range of processed foods to suit their every taste. All their food is fresh and they have a limitless supply of available fruit and vegetables. On top of that...