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Compare and Contrast two paintings.

(Somnambulist Mall Walking and Golconda) Somnambulist Mall Walking and Golconda are two paintings that caught my eyes because of the composition and contents in the paintings. Somnambulist Mall Walking was painted in 1995 by Lynn Randolf and Golconda was done in 1953 by Margaritte. Eventhough there is a great difference in the length of time when these two paintings were done, there are some similarities and certainly lots of visual differences in them.

From the paintings one can tell the period of their creation. Somnambulist Mall Walking seems to have all the modernized images such as high-rise buildings and new technology invention such as, rocket, helicopter. In Golconda, the apparels that all the men wear suggest to me that this took place at a time before the Somnambulist Mall Walking. From the style of the outfit the men wear, they seem ancient but half-modernized.

The men wear those bucket hats that remind me of Charlie Chaplin's time.

The main similarity that I find in these two paintings is the floating bodies in the sky. Both give a disturbing feeling when I look at them. Perhaps because floating bodies remind me of ghosts and spirits. However, in Somnambulist Mall Walking, there are women and men, whereas in Golconda only men are involved in the painting, the same men with the same outfits repeated over and over again.

The obvious difference in these two paintings is that in Somnambulist Mall Walking, it is a night scene but Golconda has a morning scene. Therefore Somnambulist Mall Walking uses dark colors as well as many realistic colors. In Golconda, colors such as red, brown and bright blue colors are used instead. Because of the differences in the colors used, both paintings have different feeling to the...