Compensation Structure and Job Design Research

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Compensation Structure and Job Design Research


October 24, 2011

Compensation Structure and Job Design

Kudler Fine Foods is a "local upscale specialty grocery store in the process of restructuring its compensation and job design. This team will focus on creating a compensation structure for the store manager, cashier, stock person, specialty department worker, department manager, and bagger positions. (UOP, 2009) This team will also offer a job-based approach, assessing the values of each position to the organization, as well as a person-based approach, "assessing the skill sets or competencies that a person will needs in order to successfully hold the positions" (UOP, 2009).

In doing this research, our team will benchmark several organizations that have conducted similar analyses. These organizations will include: Weis Markets, Price Chopper, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Whole Food Markets, Home Depot, Trader Joe's, and Kmart.

Job Descriptions

Store Manager

The store manager takes on a job-based approach which concentrates on the responsibilities or the job of seeing that business meets the strategic objectives and goals. Under this approach, the store manager is paid for the job done and rewarded for the performance of the job. The store manager manages and motivates lower level and departmental managers to increase sales and ensure efficiency. The store manager analyses trends, forecast sales, and facilitate plans for future growth, as well as initiates changes to improve the business and updates board members/ colleagues on business performance, new initiatives, and other pertinent issues.

The store manager bases its approach on skills, concentrating on the skills of making quick business decision, prioritizing the importance of business and leading lower-level managers to ensure that staff and their business areas are performing to the standards set in place by the store manager.