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Competitive Edge

Your team and coach get the crowd roaring with applause. Your stomach is filled with butterflies, and you're putting your heart and soul into this. The thought of "will I mess up" is running through your mind. The room seems to have risen 50 degrees in the last second, and your heart is pounding. The music starts you are now in the spotlight. This is the feeling you get as a cheerleader trying out for the UCA All American. It's a lot of hard work, but if you try your hardest, attend the camp sessions, and have a passion for cheerleading it's worth it the outcome is incredible, but the celebration is the best part.

After a long day of practice, the last week in June Coach Weaver announces "Camp will be for 3 days, you guys make sure you're here and on time" the team sighs. I was so worked up about camp being around the corner.

After leaving from practice, I headed to begin my shift as a cashier at McDonalds. My manager loved that I was so involved with cheerleading that every time I came in to work, she wanted me to show her a cheer, or how high my jumps were. I then started "1,2,3,4….look out were back the comets are here, the best that's right this is our year, step back and watch your looking at the best, were loud and proud, were MHS, McClure's the name enough been said the ONE the ONLY *clap, clap* big red". Of course they enjoyed it. Taking orders, stocking and keeping things prepped kept me busy until the end of my 12 o'clock shift. While working and waiting for camp to come I enjoyed the little time in between with my cousin.

6am the next...