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After Scott had finished talking with Sarah, they both left the park going in their separate directions. But Scott hadn't gone far before he heard the roaring of a car, entering the park grounds. This car was being driven by Darren ( Sarah's boyfriend ). The car seemed out of control and it was heading straight for Scott. Scott tried moving out of the path way. Wherever he moved the car would follow him.

Sarah who was now walking with Adam ( Scott's best mate ). They both heard the commotion and turned around in time to see Scott get rammed onto the bonnet, over the roof and make a loud thud on the ground. Darren then lost control of the car and ploughed straight into a tree. He then reverted from the car and started heading towards the badly bruised Scott. When Adam and Sarah saw the incident they ran to Scott's assistance.

Scott did not look too good and was in no condition for a confrontation. Sarah and Adam checked to see if he was ok and started to take him to get help.

Darren then became even more envious of Scott receiving all the attention again, just like when Sarah talked to Scott and not him and then she would not mention what they talked about. What Darren failed to see was that Sarah and Scott had been friends for a long time and he couldn't accept that. He was extremely jealous of their relationship!

Now Darren was real angry. He chased after Scott with one thing one his mind. To keep him from Sarah. As he got closer he lunged out to hit Scott from behind but missed and hit Sarah. She fell to the ground and then Adam stepped...