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Big Bang Theory

Somehow in this day and time there are still people pondering about how we all got here. For example, lots of people turn to religion or science mainly to answer to every question. There is at least one person out there or more that need all the knowledge to fully understand this concept of a big bang. The study of cosmology and the origins of the universe are the main confusion of this topic. All of these questions have not been answered but touched upon. Some of these questions however, have been answered and it is all thanked to modern day science.

The main question in everyone's head is how the universe was created. There are many theories or hypotenuses on these questions. Some believe that there was no beginning or end and this universe we speak of is truly infinite. The universe was put in a spot to take the responsibilities of a phenomenon, and understand the full history of all of its themes.

The main theory is about 15 billion years ago a great explosion happened and started the beginning of the universe. This explosion is now known today as "The Big Bang." At that point of time all matter and energy was controlled and contained in one area. An answer is not proven on how it all got there but it is understood that this is a matter of pure being. This is not an explosion of loss but an explosion of push. The push is when the explosion occurred, all of the particles and energy rushed away from each other. This is awkward compared to the science of today because in a normal explosion objects are thrown outward and away from the main trace of the explosion. Where as this explosion occurred within...