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28578 Foster Avenue Highland, CA 92346 10/24/01 Disneyland Attention: Customer Services 007 Walt Lane Disney City, CA 02003 Dear Sir/Madam: I would like to commend you on all of the attractions and rides for my kids. Thank you for letting them have the time of their lives. See my son is dying and the one wish he wanted was to be able to have fun at Disneyland. We came and he had the time of his short life. Thank you again. Now he can die a happy young man.

Sincerely, JD Meadors My name is JD Meadors. I was born in San Bernardino California. I was born on March 30,1985. I have one brother 2 half brothers and 2 half sisters. My brother's names are Cliff, Marcus, and Tre'jon. My sister's names are Stefanee and Tristin. My brothers are 18, 7 and 10 years old. My sisters are 17 and 22 years old.

I lived in San Bernardino for about 1 or 2 weeks. Then we moved to a city named Pala. I lived there for 3to 4 years. Then we moved to a near by town named Pauma Valley. There my sister was born. The nearest city was named Escondido. It was like 30 to 40 minutes away from our house. Since we lived in a ranch.

My sister had a very bad accident at the age of 3. One day my mom was ironing and she put some water to boil my sister was playing in the living room so she left it alone for a while. My sister went to look for my mom in the kitchen but my mom was in the room. My sister saw the handle of the bowl she jumped to get it. When she got it she held it and burned her hand. Then we rushed her to the hospital and she had a severe burns.

When I was about five I started playing little league baseball. I played for about 10 years. The positions I played were first base, third base, pitcher, catcher, and left field. My favorite positions were first and third base. My team went undefeated for 2 years and we went to the city finals and lost. And one year I made the all-star team. Then in the fifth and sixth grade I played on the basketball team for my elementary school. We went undefeated and were the elementary school champions.

During elementary school I was on the student council for 3 years. In middle school I was in peer counseling and on the softball team. In high school my freshmen year I played football. I played o-line, d-line, and fullback. That year we went 6-3-1. Then freshmen team won city and league championships. Then my sophomore I played varsity and jv football. I played the same positions. Then my junior year I stopped playing football so I can get a job to buy a car. And that leaves to where I am today.