What are the components needed for building a good and

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What are the components needed for building a good and proper society? In order to create a proper and functional society, the society in question must have a common structure in which everyone can use as a basis for their decisions and actions. Religion can be seen as such a structure. With religion, people are have rules that help them in their judgement between what is right and what is wrong. Not everyone has to believe in a higher power, just as long as they believe in something.

As long as you believe in something, trust can be formed, and barriers broken. Togetherness is something else that is essential for the building of a perfect society. To put together a utopian society, it takes work. In order to work you must have trust in those you are working with. In order for you to have trust in someone you must have faith in them as a person and in their abilities.

Faith and trust go hand in hand with one another.

The whole idea of unity is not easy to accomplish because we as people have been fighting each other ever since the beginning of time. We have rejected, oppressed, and killed those of us who would be called "abnormal." This group included Jews, Native Americans, Blacks, etc… Why are these groups treated like animals? Because we are different? Or because we are dangerous? Those who treat people who are different so terribly are really the ones that should be handled.

This brings up another component needed or I should say not needed for a proper society. We as a society have come so far acceptance wise, but we have a long way to go. Some are willing to change, but there are more people out there than you would like to admit that don't want to change. These people would only hurt our attempts to build a better community. They must be cast out of this society.

Again, religion comes to play a major role in the healing proses that must take place in the hearts of people in order for them to see each other as equals.