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Airheads Oxygen Bars, Inc.

Table of Contents1. Introduction2.1 Organization and product/service analysis3. Country Study-United States of America3.1 Global Current Events Analysis3.2 Region Analysis3.3 Country Analysis3.4 References1. IntroductionThe purpose of this outline is to critically analyze a strategic strategy for an Asia company to export to the United States of America. Airheads Oxygen Bars, Inc. was chosen due to Asia's increasing demand for oxygen bars and the profits that oxygen bars bring. The outline starts with a short organizational description and describes the products to be exported into the United States. In addition, an extensive country profile of the United States introduces the external business implications and gives an overview of the United States market. After the competitors have been identified and the global, regional, country, product and services analysis is completed Airheads Oxygen Bars, Inc. will have a better picture of the risk, and will have the data needed for strategic planning.

2.1 Organization and product/service analysis2.1.1 Organization Description:Establishment of oxygen bars which administers 90% fresh oxygen to each consumer including aromatic inhalants to invigorate and relax. Airheads Oxygen Bars provide a multitude of social and entertainment environments for patrons while breathing fresh air and enjoying the natural effects of aromatherapy. A variety of settings includes but is not limited to nightclubs, parties, organization or corporate events, trade shows, internet cafés and coffee shops, resorts, day spas with salons and massage therapists, medical spas and doctors offices (Airheads Oxygen Bars, 2003).

2.1.2 Product/Services:1997 brought the introduction of oxygen bars to the United States yet Airheads Oxygen Bars, Inc. (2003) research stipulates over 99% of the United States population is untapped to the experience of breathing 90% pure oxygen and experiencing the invigorating and relaxing affects of aromatic inhalants.

2.1.3 Product/service description:Oxygen bars established for patrons who will don a disposable...