Comprehensive Environmental Analysis Outline

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Playa Frente, LLC, a Limited Liability Company, has interest in investing in an existing hotel in the country of Mexico. The hotel has previously been providing services to the visitors of the country for the last 30 years and is the oldest hotel for this growing community. The purpose of the LLC is to develop and initiate plans to renovate the hotel and develop a five star vacation resort and hotel. In doing so, a comprehensive environmental assessment has been performed to determine the risk involved in the investment. The following provides an outline of the environment to consider investments in the country of Mexico.

I.Regional Analysis of North Americaa) Regional alliancesOn January 01, 1994, the United States, Mexico and Canada collectively created NAFTA, North American Free Trade Agreement, which in turn would produce the largest region of free trade on the planet. This agreement was created to help increase and control trade and settle disputes between the neighboring nations.

This agreement is similar to the WTO, World Trade Organization, in the purpose it serves except NAFTA is restricted to the nations of North America while the WTO is free to any nation willing to join. (USTR, 2008)b) Physical environmentNorth America is the third largest continent of the seven residing on earth. With more than 500 million people calling it home, this region is abundant in luxury scenery and natural resources. Located in the northern and western hemispheres, this land mass is made up of 40 countries and covers an area of nearly 10 million square miles. The physical geography of this region boasts it all, from great plains to rocky mountains ranging from below freezing to blistering hot conditions. (CIA, 2008)c) PoliticsThe governments of North America share a similar governmental structure. The governments are split into three branches:...