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California Lutheran UniversityIntergovernmental RelationsMPPA 556February 08, 20091.Describe the components of our federal system of government; describe one or more analytic models if you wish. The components that make up our federal system have three main tiers. The first tier is at the national level where government is responsible for national level issues.

•Provide a military for defense of the nation.

•Judicial to interpret our laws as it pertains to the constitution.

•Executive branch which includes the President, Vice President and cabinet members such as the Secretaries of Defense, Commerce and Treasury•Legislative Branch with includes the House of Representatives and the Senate. Laws are drafted, debated on and presented to the president for signing into law.

•Provide for the common welfare of the nation such as social security and Medicare.

On the state level government has similar function however; states are not going to provide a military for national defense.

The state has at its disposal the National Guard, which can be used for both local and national level emergencies; case in point 9-11, many National Guard units were deployed in support of operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. There is also an Executive and Legislative branch in state government. The states are also required to provide for the common welfare for the people of the state by establishing services like education, transportation and public utilities. At the local level; government is broken down by cities, counties, municipalities and special districts. All have some of the similar if not the same functions as those in the upper tiers. Cities and counties provide emergency services, housing, transportation and an assortment of public works.

In describing the components of our federal system it is necessary to examine the various documents that make up our system of government.

•The Declaration of Independence: The...