Comprehensive literacy plan for reading and writing best practices in elementary through middle school.

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Running Head: Comprehensive Literacy Plan

Comprehensive Literacy Plan, Part 1

dale Hutchinson


Jones International University

May 28, 2008


In this Comprehensive Literacy Plan the use of Reader's and Writer's workshops are explained and given their common uses as described by the author Joanne Hindley backed by the research done for the book Best Practice, Today's Standards for Teaching& Learning in America's Schools. The plan that I have herein described is suitable for first grade. The levels individual instruction for students are outlined and given an approximate time. Although the times are approximate, obviously these can be adjusted to fit the needs to any learner. There are specific groups whose needs are addressed. And finally, there are different assessment methods to show student growth. By implementing this plan into any classroom, the Reader's and Writer's workshops can be meeting the literacy requirements within their districts.

Comprehensive Literacy Plan

Part I


My name is Susan Hutchinson. I have a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Business Administration, Human Resources and have also completed the alternative certification program through the Florida Department of Education. I have lived and worked in Florida for the last ten years in various jobs until I found something I truly enjoyed, teaching. I taught fourth grade at a fairly small school called Calusa Elementary, which is part of the Pasco County School system in Florida. I absolutely loved it. I taught in a pod which is comprised of four classrooms around a middle open space. These other classrooms were considered my team. We would meet weekly to determine how to rotate students based on recent assessments in various subjects. Each week or month, depending on the subject, we would rotate the small groups around to various teacher...