Comprehensive Sex Education

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Speech 1. Intro a. Today, 13,000 teenagers lives will change. 10,000 of them will be infected with an STD, 2,400 will become pregnant, and 55 will contract HIV. Those are some pretty scary statistics. And yet the government is still spending $100 million a year on abstinence only sex ed programs instead of teaching kids about the emotional aspects of sex and how to do it safely if they choose to do so. "Just say no" didn't work for drugs, and it won't work for sex either.

2. Body a. Some schools have started giving free condoms out to students to make it more likely that teens will use them. Buying condoms from a store could be a potentially embarrassing situation, especially if the student would have to show ID or if the condoms were kept in a glass case in the store. Either of these situations could discourage students from buying them, and they would have no other way to obtain one if their school didn't hand them out, so they probably wouldn't use one at all.

Having condoms at school eliminates this problem.

b. Also, if kids are buying condoms with money out of their own pocket, they would probably get the least expensive brand, which are probably cheaply made and would break easily. The condoms that the school would give out would be free and of a higher quality.

c. Some people think giving out condoms will tell teens it's okay to be sexually active and give them an excuse to have sex. That's a ridiculous argument. The nurse provides band-aids, and kids aren't just going to go cut themselves.

d. But to get a condom at most schools that hand them out, you need a parent to sign a permission slip, and many parents refuse...