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Explain the working of open and closed cycle of a gas power station with a neat sketch.

Explain the following in brief:

Causes of low power factor

Advantages of power factor improvement

Power factor improvement methods.

A load of 500kW at 0.8 pf lagging is taken by industrial concern. The tariff is Rs. 400 per kVA of maximum demand per year + 100 paise per kWh. The cost of installation of capacitor bank is Rs. 600 per year and the interest and depreciation is 11%. Find

The most economical power factor

Rating of capacitor to improve the pf to this value.

A 400 V 3- phase star connected induction motor draws a current of 25A at 0.8 pf at full load condition. It is desired to install a bank of capacitors to raise the full load power factor to 0.9 lagging. Find the kVAR rating of the star-connected capacitor bank and the value of each capacitor.

Find the power factor of an installation supplying the following loads: 300KW at unity power factor, 1000 kW at 0.9 lagging power factor and 1500 kW at 0.8 lagging power factor. Also find the maximum load at unity power factor which can be supplied by this substation.

Explain the layout of the diesel power plant along with the diagram. Also discuss the applications of this plant.

Explain the typical layout of a substation with neat diagram.

Discuss the effect of load diversity on the power plant economics.

Describe briefly "regeneration, reheating & intercooling"

The load on a power plant on a typical day is as under:

Time 12-5 am 5-9 am 9-6 pm 6-10 pm 10-12 am

Load (MW) 20 40 80 100 20

Plot the load curve, load duration curve, Energy load curve and Mass...