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Computers are one of the greatest inventions ever invented. Today several hundred million computers are in operation worldwide. Since the computer is such a great invention it was not just one mans dream, but many. The invention of the computer was tested and created by various Engineers, Mathematicians, and Scientist over numerous years. “One of the first computers was building in 1945 called ENIAC. The ENIAC stands for electronic, numerical, and integrator Calculator”. (William 1)Early electronic computers were the size of an average large room, weighing a massive 30 tons or more. IBM (a multinational computer technology company) introduced the first complete desktop PC in 1981. In 1984 Apple then released their Macintosh computer. A year later in 1985 Microsoft launches Windows. Finally in 1996 Palm puts out the first hand-held computer called the PalmPilot. Over the times the computer has always been improving from the 30 ton ENIAC computer to the 3 pound laptop computer that can do about 100,000 times more additions per second then the ENIAC.

A computer is a machine that works with information at great speeds. In realistic terms a computer program may run from just a few instructions to many millions of instructions, as in a program for a word processor or a web browser. It is also a universal machine; constantly changing depending on the instructions it is given. A computer can imitate a lot of other devices. For instance, an artist’s palette, a typewriter, a calculator, a telephone, a cd player, and dvd players. Computers have become an important part of daily life for most people. Students, teachers, scientists all use computers as learning tools.

The composite of a computer is extremely complex. A computer is a machine that accepts an input processes the input according to a set of rules, and...