Computer Effectiveness

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"The Computer-has it really had such a beneficial effect on our lives?".

A Computer by definition of Encarta is essentially an information tool. It provides the ability to control the flow of information. With the correct software loaded on a PC, it can meet nearly any information processing need.

At the mercy of the ever-accelerated updating of information and communication technology, there are rapid changes in all aspects of the nature of work. These changes are the result of the advances in information and communication technology such as telecommuting, teleconferencing, and even. Although information and communication technology can offer the potential to employees and employers, such as, reduction in travel, maintain competitive advantage and so on. These changes in information and communication technology which have brought improvements to work and organizations have been more beneficial for employees.

To begin with, the information and communication technology can reduce travel, and bring changes in the workplace that is potentially beneficial for employees.

The Internet is acting as a global economic engine that is exploding with productivity, which is a very critical factor in improving our living standards. The way people buy and sell. It increases the speed distribution, creating new products and services, erasing barriers between nation markets. Telecommunicating and teleconferencing can be done all online, if u have the right hardware in your organization. This is time saving, better efficiency, lowering costs, higher production, etc.

When u start talking about the subject computers u will never stop. It is an on going device that will continue and continue to saturate into our lives until maybe someday maybe it will take over humans no one knows. The computer world has created jobs that were never brought up to mind. Laws that were not applied business that made competition like crazy...