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Ed Roberts - Some call him the "Father of the Personal Computer" - Owned MITS - Micro Instrumentation Telemetry System - Marketed the Altair 8800, which appeared on the cover on Popular Electronics issue on January 1975 - Is now a Doctor in Cochran, GA.

Clive Sinclair - Made 1st pocket calculator, 1st pocket TV - Also built the "Spectrum Computer" in the United Kingdom Vint Cerf - Internet pioneer. Involved in early design of APRANet.

- Called "Father of the Internet" - One of the founders of the TCP/IP protocol Adam Osborne - Built the 1st successful portable PC in 1981 called "Osborne 1" which had 64K of memory, and ran on the CP/M operating system Ken Olson - Worked for Digital Equipment.

- Famously known for the "stupid" quote "There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in their home." Home Brew PC Club - A place where people met and discussed computer issues in Palo Alto, Ca "Silicon Valley" - Many founders of MicroPc companies were spawned from here.

Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs e.t.c BBN - Bolt, Beranek and Newman. This company was responsible for the first Router, the first person to person network email, the @ sign icon for the digital age, and the APRANet Xerox PARC - Palo Alto Research Center. A research center in Xerox, where The Alto Pc was built, the mouse, and many other innovative technologies in use today. PARC researchers were innovators of most of the technology we use today, but never gained recognition or fame for their work Moore's Curve - Bob Metcalfe - Ethernet inventor, founder of 3COM and cyberspace visionary. Also worked at the Xerox PARC.

Gary Kildall - Created the CP/M (Control Program/Microcomputers) operating system. It was the 1st OS to see...