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Welcome to yet another edition of the Pure Geek Code Article. In this article we explore how to make your own Watermark. (See Left Bottom Part of your Screen. Scroll Down for fun) The Watermark, was originally designed by Geocities. (If I am not mistaken.) They used to add this Watermark to all Web Pages hosted by them. This very soon became very popular and is an excellant way of advertising a product, website or anything else, as it always remains on the screen at the same position i.e. even if you scroll down, it moves relatively. And best of all, it is more transparent than opaque, thus the text on the screen, can also be read.

I am sure, almost all of you must have definitely visit the MSDN website. If you have and if you are web programmer, then without doubt, you would really really envy their site design and code.

In my opinion the MSDN site is at the top in the design (looks) and functionality department. The choice of colors, the positioning of elements etc etc is truly amazing.

Anyway, in the first issue of the 'Web Coding' series, we will explore the famous Navbar at Microsoft's website. This 'navbar' besides adding dynamic functionality to your site, also gives it a very good professional look. Although it's code does look a bit weird at first, it is actually a very simple, but extremely intelligent piece of coding. Infact, the desginers at Microsoft in their bid to protect thw wonderful code, have simply complicated matters, and thus the formidable character. Also, the huge number of other elements and features on their site, makes the process of understanding the 'navbar' code tougher.

In this issue, I give you the code of this 'navbar' in a simple easy to...