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Computer Hardware Engineer Where would we be at a technological state without Computer Hardware Engineers? They are responsible for creating the technology that powers the world.

These people create, develop and analyze the making of many essential parts of a computer, including the CPU, support logic, Microprocessors, custom integrated circuits, and other extras such as printers, disk drives, monitor, etc. I will be explaining many subjects related to Computer Hardware Engineers including such things as how they make what they make, their pay, how they distribute their finished project, and the requirements to become a Computer Hardware Engineer.

Computer Hardware Engineers must have achieved many things in their life to become what they are. For one they must obtain certain credits in high school. These credits are *English (ENG-4U1), Math (MGA-4U1), Chemistry (SCH-4U1), and Physics (SPH-4U1). Throughout all of high school they must have achieved at least a 70% average.

This means however that they only accept a select handful of people in this industry. This select bunch must then spend four years at a post-secondary educational facility, studying computer engineering or a related field like electrical engineering. The bare minimum for a post-secondary education in this field is a Bachelors degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering, with additional graduate course work or a master's degree to keep up with the evolving field.

One of the main and most important advantages of being a computer engineer is the money. It is one of the highest paid professions, and it is in very high demand. With the quick pace of technology, this job isn't always the same. There is always something new entering the business. The rate of computer hardware engineers leaving their job is very low, which mean that they tend not to leave the profession...