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COMPUTER HISTORY The computer is an intercal part of every human being; it gives us the opportunity make and lose money. It is also a very large communications network, with the press of a button you could be talking to someone in Europe or could be finding vital information on Computer History. Without the computer putting people in space or typing this very essay would be impossilbe. The computer is truly a phenomenon that has changed people's lives.

The desktop size computer system specifically designed for personal use was first introduced in 1974. It was developed by Micro Instrumentation Telemetry Systems (MITS). The company sold the very simple but rather large machine via a magazine company, the computer sold for less than $400. You never hear of the computer that started the "Computer Craze" but the MITS was very truly the machine that started the Computer Industry. Soon after this milestone other stronger companies came out with computers of their own that were always getting better and always had something new to offer.

In 1981 the now famous Apple computer came into the market very quietly but left as the fastest growing company in U.S. history. The market had never before and likely never will see a company evolve like Apple computers. The Apple was so popular because it brought with it expanded memory, inexpensive disk-drive programs, data storage and color graphics. By the mid 1980's a new 32 bit computer began appearing, this powerful system had within it enough power to possibly run a small business.

In 1980 the Department of defense was given a program called the Internet, this program was funded by the National Science Foundation. Sure in 1980 not many people were aware of the Internet but since then it has grown from 200 networks...