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HIS'TORY WITH COMPUTERS My knowledge of computers was, at one time, very great. I attended many computer classes in high school, to include Intro to Computer Science, Computer Science 2 & 3, and Computer Literacy. During my senior year, my father bought a computer for the family. The name, size, speed, and memory capabilities eludes me, for at that time I was revolting and didn't want to have anything to do with my family or their stupid computer. Upon graduation I later enrolled into San Diego State University to major in the subject of computers, only to find myself dropping out of college and the power curve of the computer world. I have never ventured back until recently when I decided to give school another shot and I enrolled into Hawaii Pacific University. As far as any other computer experience, I have very little, except from my daily MOS in the U.S.

Army, in which I type letters using AMIPRO.

I don't have a computer of my own, but I am shopping around. With my intended major, I have a feeling that I will posses many computer throughout my career"¦"¦"¦So I am in no rush.