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Due to the advance of the technology, we should upgrade our computer system to meet the latest computer technology. We must keep up to date so that we can compete with other company. We can also improve our work, by using computer the work would be more professional, tidy, and fast compare with using typewriter to make a report.

An insurance company like Big Red might have to delivered information quickly to other department and it is very wasting time if we do it by writing or calling one by one so with LAN we can send the message or important information to all departments at the same time.

The structure of Big Red's Company

- Director : 1 person

- Manager : 1 person

- Supervisor : 1 person

- Secretary : 2 people

- Marketing : 2 people

- Finance : 1 person

- Sales : 8 people

- Customer services: 2 people

- Security : 2 people

Based on the structure of the Big Red Company, it needs ten computers.

Each one for the Director, Manager, Supervisor, Director's secretary, Manager's secretary, marketing, Finance, Customer service, and another two for the sales department.

Securities do not need to use it because their jobs are only to keep the company safe. Two computers for the Sales are more than enough because in Insurance Company, their jobs are to sell policy as much as possible so they will be spending their most time out side the Company. Each secretary must have their own computer because their boss always told them to do writing job, for example, Notice of Meeting and it is impossible for them to borrowed computer from another department so they must have their own.


I suggest to build computer with Intel Pentium IV, because...