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Advantages and disadvantages of office automation and group collaboration software used in the US Army.

The purpose of this memo is to look at the effects of using office automation and group collaboration software in the US Army. The US Army has been using Microsoft Office to automate the documentation process while Green Force Tracker, an adoption of Lotus Sametime, is used by its members to collaborate and share information on the projects they are working on. This memo summarizes the advantages and disadvantages that are induced by using Microsoft Office and Green Force tracker.

Microsoft OfficeAdvantagesMicrosoft Office (MS Office) is a software suite which includes MS Word for word processing, MS Excel for spreadsheets and working with numbers and MS PowerPoint for making presentations, handouts and notes. The biggest advantage that MS Office offers is that it speeds up the documentation process since its application contains tools for text manipulation, graphics and design.

Being electronic, it can run on PC's and Laptops which take up much less space on the desk. It also replaces many items on the desk such as a typewriter, stationary and papers, so it can be considered friendlier to the environment as well. MS Office simply the process of accessing and monitoring as its application can be tailored to display only relevant information. As a software suite, its applications have similar user interfaces. This feature makes it easy to learn all the software by learning only one of them (Stair and Reynolds, 2006). Documents made in MS Office can also be accessed quickly and easily by the Internet.

DisadvantagesThere are several disadvantages of using MS Office. First, MS Office is pretty expensive to buy. The presence of many tools has made the user interface of applications, look cluttered. This discourages the new user...