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The Impact of Mobile Computing

Dorothy Ashford

INFO 103 Computer Literacy

Instructor Sabahudin Tricic

August 14, 2014

The advancement of technology has made it possible to have access a computer and the internet, anywhere. Internet access was once limited to home, office, or school. That is a thing of the past. We can access a computer and the internet through mobile computing. Most of our everyday lives depend on some type of mobile device. This article explores the impact of mobile computing. How much has mobile computing affected our daily lives as students, professionals, and kids?

According to the author Bowles, there are hundreds of thousands of apps that programmers designed especially for mobile devices. For example, location-based services, provide the user information based on their location, social networking, sharing information with friends (like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), mobile search, help people search for information based on their location, such as asking a smartphone to tell the user where the nearest pizza shop is and mobile commerce lets users check into a store they are physically at to gain special information about products.

The study of photography is one field in which it's easy to find out the impact computers have on our daily lives. Thanks to digital cameras, anyone can shoot, develop, and publish photographs. No particular skills or equipment are required. This is good for people who want to share pictures on Facebook or Instagram. For people who use photos for business purposes, digital photography can present ethical issues. There are two areas of concern: adherence to copyright laws and ethical concerns regarding alteration of photographic images. "Copyright laws give people who create content-such as books, movies, music, or photographs-ownership rights to that content.