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I stood first in the annual photography competition as a result I won a free trip to any place of the world. As I have studied a lot about UAE I decided to go there and explore it in more depth. I decided to stay with my aunt instead of staying in a hotel. So first day of my arrival I started exploring this desert which has now turned into heaven and the most advanced developed and modern state of the entire gulf. Dubai is one of the main business hub and oil reservoir city of UAE. Dubai's tourism industry is flourishing the most. The number of tourists is increasing every year.

First we planned to go and see the world's tallest building which is 'BURJ KHALIFA', looking at this tall building one really needs to stretch his head to his back. There is also a dancing fountain below this Burj which makes the whole environment a fantasy world and takes you to some kind of a dreamland.

It takes you to some kind of a scenario in order to quench my thirst photograph I took a large number of photographs. I captured each and every moment in my camera. On my next day I went to the 'ATLANTIS' to explore the underwater life. There I swimmed with every kind of sea animal like star fish, shark, dolphins, fish, lobster etc. I took pictures of every sea animal. On my next day I went to the world's biggest mall which is the 'DUBAI MALL'. There I saw brands from around the world. It had 5 floors and one cannot roam around or see the whole of it in one day. I shopped and shopped as all expanses were paid. On the other day I went...