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The Problem Just-In-Time medical billing company needs a new network system. They need to replace servers, cabling, switches, etc. Right now the company has a fifty-node system with 10baseT and 10base2 network. They have a Novell server and an NT server. The NT server provides the authentication security. They need a system in which the billing information is available to physicians and their agents via dial in RAS or the Internet. They will also be bring a satellite office on line in Albany come summer of 2000.

The Solution The first thing we need to do is upgrade the network topology. Right now the billing company has a 10BaseT and 10Base2 network. We will use the Star topology to connect all the workstation to switches to speed up the network some and cut down on congestion. Next all the 10baseT and 10base2 cabling will go and be replaced with CAT 5 cabling.

The company will most likely need around 5,000 feet, which is about .25 cents a foot equaling out to $1,250. This will boost the networks speed right up and there should be little to no congestion. The CAT 5 is a 100Mbps, which is a big improvement from the 10baseT and 10base2. We will also be installing a T1 backbone between the 1st floor and the 2nd floor. This will indefinitely make the connections between floors fast as can be and if there are any complaints we'll have to tie them up with left over wire. The T1 will cost 1000/mon with additional Telco and ISP charges of $300-$600/mon. The switches come next. We will be installing 3 DES-5224 switches. The D-Link DES-5224TX is a high performance 24-port 10/100Mb Ethernet/Fast Ethernet NWay auto-negotiation modular Switch with SNMP/RMON web-based management, and optional Gigabit up-link connections and ISDN Router.