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Information technology systems have transformed our world, dramatically improving productivity and efficiency in almost every sector of global business. In addition, developed Information technology has been changing the human life. In this assignment, I will show that many cases were brought to our life by computer. Articles by Fellenstein C., Wood R., David R. and Warwick are from the books. Articles from the internet will also be used.

Today, the Internet is very active in business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer, and government-to-consumer contexts. The use of the Internet in a business-to-business context appears to be rapidly gaining momentum. In recent years, 'the Department of Defense has turned the Internet over to commercial users'. As a result, its current use has increased significantly in business-to-consumer transactions and in business-to-business transactions. These rapidly growing transaction volumes have been accommodated by value-added network providers or applications has been advertising, by presenting electronic catalogs of products and services to a vast number of potential buyers and suppliers.

Thus, more and more people buy merchandises on line because of convenient, diverting, cheaper than goods in shop etc. At one time, some companies entered to the domain of e-business and start to get the profit via new trading means.

Companies like IBM began with their human resource and financial systems and moved rapidly to integrate e-business technologies into their supply chain; they ultimately have successfully linked their suppliers and business partners into their legacy systems. The results of these initiatives are nothing short of spectacular: hence the term e-business. For example, e-procurement e-business solutions have resulted in a tremendous savings for many global corporate enterprises. This area of business is often a starting point for many e-business transformations. The time it takes to process and fulfill purchase orders has dramatically been reduced, from days to minutes.

In the supply...