Computer Piracy

Essay by Ryankirkland April 2004

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With the vast update in technology, CD writers and recorders and such products, computer piracy has become a tremendous issue in the past few years and continues to grow. Computer piracy occurs when software gets copied without permission from the copyright holder, this usually then leads to the copyright holder not receiving any incentive for his/her invention. Not only does this cheat the system but it's illegal as well.

There are five types of software piracy that face us today. They consist of, soft lifting, hard disk loading, renting, downloading and software counterfeiting. Soft lifting occurs when someone buys a single licensed copy of the software and loads it on several computers, opposing what the license says. An exception can be made to this rule when a person creates a backup copy of the software for emergency use of their computer only. Yet, if the software is created for friends and other personal computers this goes against the authorization.

Hard disk loading is when the unauthorized copies of software are placed on the disk when you buy a new PC. This occurs within computer dealers, because the market has become so competitive and many dealers try to add in more software for a better value so one presumes their corporation is the best. Renting means having software for temporary use, it is illegal to rent out software for a while with the intention on giving it back. For example, people can rent video games yet; they cannot rent software because software is loaded onto your computer and not just read by a drive such as a video game. Downloading and software counterfeiting are probably the two most common computer piracies that are active today. These are possibly the most common because of the easy access to the internet that we...