Computer Platforms - Assignment 1: Investigate Computer Systems

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Part 1 - Stripping and Rebuilding A PC

Part 1 - Stripping and Rebuilding A PC

Purpose of the exercise

The purpose of the exercise was to show the ability to handle hardware correctly and safely while following precautions to not harm the equipment or myself and others.

Equipment and facilities needed

Here is a list of the following items needed to operate on the machines in the college workshop:

Computer system complete with monitor, keyboard & mouse

Anti-static wrist band

Anti-static bags

Crosshead Screwdriver

Camera to record progress

Health & Safety

I took some health and safety precautions by isolating the computer system from the mains and simply making sure nothing was placed on the floor for the safety of me and others around me. Also keeping my work area neat and tidy was observed at all times.

ESD Precautions Taken

Anti-static bags were also used for storage of the hardware while it was outside of the PC. Picture 1.1 shows how my machine is isolated from the mains and how I am connected to the chassis via my anti-static wrist strap.

Sequence of Events

This following bit shows a report of the events that taken place when I took apart the system and put it back together again.

The 1st thing was to check that the system boots up successfully and is correctly working and then power down the system.

Next event was to isolate the machine from the mains, and to also unplug other cables connected to it.

After making sure the machine was...