Computer programmers Compare and contrast

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Computer Programmers

Have you ever wondered who made every game that you have played such as Minesweeper, any word processing software that you typed your essay on such as Microsoft Word? Computer programmers made all those programs. Nowadays Computer Programmers are an indispensable utility for computer companies, Electronic commerce businesses, private and public businesses, and in many other industries. Many people expect that computer companies usually employ Computer programmers, but in fact, computer programmers are employed by many other industries that are not directly related to the computer industry such as banks. Banks hire computer programmers to write programs that calculate interest rates, very detailed complicated programs for ATM machines, and to program their databases in order to meet their customers' needs such as the online customer service. According to the department of labor Computer programmers have held about half million jobs in the year 2002 and the number is expected to expand due to the need of new developed applications.

Programmers usually work in small comfortable offices as groups or individually. Computer programming is just like any other profession, it has its pros and cons. One of the main pros is the high pay range that the programmers receive. Programmers often start with a salary around forty thousand dollars a year, excellent benefits, and work in comfortable offices with top quality computers because all their work must be done using a computer. Another main pro is that programmers with knowledge in multiple computer languages and a little experience as little as four years could be employed as programming supervisor and from that position the person could have many opportunities to take higher positions. One of the main cons for computer programmers is that they spend most of their time in front of computer screens, which eventually will lead...